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Emoji Plus $0.99

Emoji Plus

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Emoji Plus expands your iPhone’s keyboard, allowing you access to real emoticons, and with over 460 emoticons to choose from, this app gives you a massive expansion indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the classic text smiley face :) . But being stuck in the days of flip-phones during the age of smartphones doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. In comes Emoji, a new craze that allows you to install a new keyboard onto your phone, freeing you from the world of the classic text keyboarders and putting you in an elite group of people who have found out about the app or been forced to install it by others. The icon looks like spam, and I was hesitant to download this app because I thought it would lead to nothing. After much coaxing by my friends, I changed my mind, and I sure am glad that I did.

The emoticons are very nice, and they are divided into easy to navigate categories, enabling you to find the proper smiley and send it off in a matter of seconds. People who don’t have Emoji can still see your emoticons, so you have no need to worry about compatibility issues. My only issue is that navigating into the international keyboard (which is where Emoji installs itself), it kind of a pain, and more integration into the next iPhone could lead to a simpler solution. But considering that Emoji is third party software I would say that they did a very good job getting everything put together and easy to use.

Emoji is an essential for any frequent texter looking to add a little extra oompf to their text messages.

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