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Fieldrunners $2.99


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Fieldrunners is a tower defense game that requires the player to strategically place towers along “the field”, and guide enemy forces along a specified path while your towers destroy them.

This game definitely delivers, providing a fun, addicting game experience that provides great entertainment value for its low price. Longevity is definitely boosted by the downloadable map packs, but unfortunately you need to put forth an extra 99 cents for each map purchased. Having paid downloadable content on a paid app is a little too steep for me, but the maps are good quality, and they’ll definitely add to the amount of playing time you can get out of this game.

The tutorials, starting levels, and the tooltips provide all the guidance for someone new to the tower defense genre, and helps you get caught up easily. But, at least interface wise, Fieldrunners is an easy game to grasp, and the developer made sure that the game could be picked up by anyone without too much fuss.

In the design area, Subatomic Studios gives us a compact, yet not too crowded playing environment, with easy, intuitive, yet compact control schemes. This is a saving grace for a genre notorious for giving cluttered, busy interfaces, and the simplified setup of Fieldrunners gives a nice change from that.

Overall, Fieldrunners is a good game, and has received a lot of attention since its release. With a sleek design, easy to use touch interface, and fun concept, Fieldrunners will most certainly keep the average iPhone gamer busy.


TIME Magazine ranked Fieldrunners in its Top 10 Video Games of 2008

PC Magazine selected Fieldrunners as one of its “Must-Have iPhone Games”

Fieldrunners is the only iPhone game ranked on EDGE Magazine’s Top 30 of 2008

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