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Tiny Wings $0.99

Tiny Wings

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Tiny Wings is an iPhone original arcade game starring an adorable little bird and a ton of hills.

This game had me at hello, an adorable little bird character who only cared about eating sun orbs and getting as high as he could in the sky. Beautiful rolling hills that allow you sometimes jump up to cloud level, only to come back down again.

The environment is beautiful, the controls are simple (if you can tap the screen you’ll be fine), the gameplay is addicting. People just can’t seem to get enough of this game.

With clear objectives and level ups (which include a boosted multiplier), the game has a reason to keep being played if the quest for the highest score isn’t enough for you. This game is an essential in every app-lovers arsenal. A surefire way to keep yourself busy while on your daily commute (if you take public transportation that is), or if you are waiting around in a waiting room, or even if you just feel lazy on your couch.

Bottom line is, there needs to be more games like this. My only regret is that it is so simple that it has the potential of fading out on me real quick.

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