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Dark Knight Rises $6.99

Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises is the exclusive game inspired by the movie, and developed by Gameloft.

As a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman series, I was inspired to buy this game from the get go. I also know that Gameloft puts out relatively reliable titles most of the time, so I figured this would be a safe investment. I was not disappointed.

This game runs flawlessly on my iPhone, a huge shock to me considering the quality of the graphics. This game was a much better predecessor of The Amazing Spiderman, with better gameplay, less hangups, and smoother performance. I can say with confidence that this is Gameloft’s best game to date.

Playing as the Batman was incredibly fun and entertaining, and I just couldn’t put the game down. I was extremely immersed in the story, and I found myself looking for excuses to pull out my iPhone and continue my quest for vigilante justice. Too cool.

The graphics are very nice, but they were also very efficient, with minimal to no major hangups and good, stable framerate. Easy gameplay mechanics allow controls and interface navigation to be picked up with ease.

I know the $6.99 pricetag is a little steep, but I think that it is more than worth it. Though I have concern of what to do after the missions are finished, I would recommend this app as an essential for every mobile gamers collection.

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