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Camera+ is a “camera enhancer” for your iPhone, turning an decent camera into an amazing one!

The staff at Camera+ state one clear goal, to make you love taking photos. Whether your new to the world of photography, or a seasoned vet just waiting to dig your teeth into the possibility of using your mobile phone to take amazing pictures, Camera+ is essential in your pursuit.

Camera+ gives your iPhone camera filters, touch exposure and focus, an extended flash for setting up a scene, a stabilizer, and a 6x digital zoom, allowing your iPhone to almost serve as one of those expensive ones that you pay a fortune for at Best Buy.

While I do love this app, and it is definitely a great addition to any app collection. Camera+ still falls a bit short of its promises. For all its claims, it has no real effect over the camera itself, so your still using the same old mobile camera that you always have. But to their credit, they addressed every major shortfall of the iPhone camera, and really made the iPhone a worthy competitor for simple purposes such as taking family photos or shoot pics at your sons tee ball game.

With the ability to share your photos through all your social media outlets straight from the app, Camera+ is a useful app for keeping your social circle in the loop on your whereabouts and lets you show off your life in a higher quality than the regular iPhone camera would have.

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