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SnapChat is a picture chatting tool allowing you to send a time-sensitive picture to your friends (or family).

There has been a lot of controversy around this program, but after reviewing Camera+ it was time to look at the less artistic side of photography. This program is extremely simple, and delivers a service for sending photos that you might not exactly want saved or kept for safe keeping. Most often for suggestive photos or for other private pictures, this service allows people to have a piece of mind that their photos are being enjoyed only momentarily by the people they sent them to.

Signing up for SnapChat is simple, and after you make your account you are tasked with the task of gathering all your friends for your friends list, but once this task is done you can take a picture using the app at any time, even draw or add a capture to it if you wish, and then send it off to your friend with a selectable time limit, and they’ll even let you know if they take a screenshot. Once that timer is up, you can be absolutely certain that all trace of your photo is gone.

A simple, yet positively effective program, most frequently downloaded by the late teen to early 20′s demographic, but an appropriate app for people who are on the older end as well. SnapChat is a good app, and it isn’t one of the most frequently downloaded photography apps for no reason. Download SnapChat today and find out for yourself, it is free.

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