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Replace your wallet with a digital wallet from, the quick and easy way to keep track of your finances.

With Wallet, you can easily organize and store your cards, receipts, coupons, and more, and be able to access them quickly for everyday use. This information can all be used to see how you spend your money, and learn to be a smarter spender. There is no worry of misplacing your wallet when you use a Wallet!

  • Store secure back-up copies of all the cards in your wallet
  • Digitize your receipts and see useful reports that show where every dollar went
  • Keep everything you need at your fingertips
  • Stay safer with SSL encryption and secure storage of your cards and receipts

Plus, with, you receive tips and special offers to save you money! And you can even export this data to all of your favorite programs such as Evernote, Expensify, Excel, and Box)


As a free app, Wallet is very thorough, providing you an easy to access, secure, and well-designed tool to access your financials when your on the go. I’m amazed by the high level of organization that is utilized by this program, and the interface allows for effective summaries of your financials and your spending habits at any given time.

But like any app, especially free ones (in most cases), there are some shortfalls that keep Wallet from untouchable status. Sometimes when you scan your cards the pictures don’t scan in very well, that is relatively unavoidable, but it serves to mar the otherwise beautiful, flawless design of this program. Also, when loading in cards with no expiration date, such as ones affiliated with department or big box stores, you cannot list them as credit cards (even though that is what they are), and instead you have to list them under another category, which somewhat defeats the purpose.

Overall, this app is a good receipt organizer and catcher, but there are too many shortfalls with the scanning of cards in to the system, and in that respect Wallet falls extremely short. This app is a great app to get, especially because it is free, but the app does not deliver to the full extent at which it was advertised, and because of this I’m going to have to cut down the Ease of Use grade on this review.

Worth a try, but not for everyone.

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