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Path is the personal network where you can share life with close friends and family, with a focus on beautiful design and responsiveness.

Easily capture and apply lenses to high-quality photos and videos, check in to places with friends, share your thoughts, and interact with people you truly care about — all through a fast and seamless interface. One button to share content, one feed to see all your friend activity.


  • 5 emotions to interact with your friends’ activity: Smile, Laugh, Gasp, Frown at or Love their moments.
  • Capture and share photos and videos with custom-designed lenses and editing features.
  • Check in to locations with friends.
  • Share the music you’re listening to, movies you’re watching, and books you’re reading.
  • Tell your friends when you’re awake and asleep.
  • ‘Seen-its’ show you who has viewed your moments and who has visited your Path.
  • Share your Nike+ FuelBand activity graphs and Nike+ Running maps.
  • Private by default – no one can see your Path activity unless you accept them as a friend.
  • One tap cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare directly from Path.

Path is a great app, a private social network for you and your friends to share without the prying eyes and commitments of the more popular social networks. The Path app has built in Instagram (with a valid login of course), and provides a beautiful, easy to understand design for a simple, yet addicting online social experience. My biggest issue with Path is the 150 friend limit, which I can see getting in the way if your friends start signing up for Path and you have to make cuts just to fit in the most important friends. This problem could easily be fixed by setting the limit slightly higher, to allow a little more breathing room for those social butterflies who have large circles of friends.

The cross-posting feature is great for keeping your other social networks at bay while using Path, but some users have dropped popular social networking sites in favor of Path because of the smaller social obligation. Path is a true testament to innovation of social apps for iDevices, and as a free app it is definitely worth your time to check out.

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