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The Official Pinterest App allows you to use a mobile optimized version of Pinterest for an optimal experience.

The Pinterest craze is sweeping the nation, giving people visual inspiration and a way to share their thoughts through pictures by creating a “pinboard” to plan out ideas and flesh out concepts. The Official Pinterest App provides users with a way to access their Pinterest on the road, and unlike some official apps, this one does a pretty good job.

This app provides the basic features of Pinterest, including:

  • Browsing pins from people and pinboards that you follow.
  • Repinning, liking, and commenting on your favorite pins.
  • Pinning with your camera

But outside of this realm, there really isn’t much else to this app. You get all of your basic functions, and they are built on the same great pinterest interface that is sweeping the social mediaverse.

Just a few issues to look out for, there is no currently supported iPad version, which some people might find to be an incredibly big issue. Also, sometimes when you scroll down, users have reported that it reloads the pictures that you already looked at, and I can see how that can become an annoyance for the frequent user.

Overall, this app is an admirable plunge into mobile social networking for the Pinterest platform. We’ll see what third-party solutions come up later on, but they are in no rush, because this app is more than enough to satisfy your need to pin on the go.

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