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Air Video $2.99

Air Video

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Watch your videos anywhere!

Air Video allows you to stream your entire video collection from your computer to any Apple mobile device. This app solves a common problem of having video files that are not in the iTunes video format. Rather than wait hours and hours for all your video files to convert, you can use the live streaming feature, which allows your video to convert to a readable format as it is playing, keeping you from long wait times.

With Air Video you are no longer bound to the (far too) small amount of space that your iPhone gives you, a problem that many multimedia lovers face every day. Your storage space is now as big as your computer, not as small as the harddrive of a mobile device, leaving you with practically infinite potential for storage of all those beloved video files you’ve been collecting over the years.

Air Video works over the local network or over the internet, including 3G. The streaming is setup through your computer using the free Air Video server software that you can get from their website. This software is available for both Mac and Windows, and is very easy to setup so you can be streaming your video collection in no time at all.

WARNING: Air Video will not play DRM protected videos, so any purchases made using iTunes will not be compatible with Air Video.

This app has saved me many “conversion hours” on my video collection. Simply put, this app solves a problem, and is a must have in any app-lovers home screen.

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