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Barcode & QR Scanner $0.99

Barcode & QR Scanner

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QR & Barcode Scanner – Find the lowest price for any product! Ever want to shop deliberately ? QR & Barcode Scanner will be your best shopping friend. Ever! Low online prices and product details from 1000+ retailers en route to you anytime, anywhere. And it is just a touch away. You can check reviews of the products you wish, save your wishlist products for later purchase, or email links to share the product with your friends.


  • Scan all types of commercial barcodes: UPC, EAN, ISBN etc.
  • Search prices from almost every major retailer like Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, BestBuy,…
  • Scan QR Codes which encode texts, URLs, contact details, calendar events, emails, messages and map locations.
  • Read other buyers’ reviews of your desired product
  • Sort the barcode search results by price, or by site
  • Directly type in the barcode instead of scanning
  • Save your favorite products for future reference

To be honest, I never thought I would review an app like this. But then again, none of the previous Barcode & QR Scanners have been worth even writing about, until now. I have to say, I do like this app. Being able to scan any product and to be able to price compare right on the spot is great, and this one actually works.

The scans are quick and they are accurate, and the information that it pulls is all spot on as well. Having prices and product descriptions from all of the major retailers is a great bonus, and helps me to save money. Especially on the hard economic times that everyone has fallen on, this app is key, and can save you a lot of money if it is utilized properly.

The design is passable, and the app is easy to use. But this app is not about looking pretty, this app is built purely for function, and it definitely delivers in that regard. Tons of features, the ability to scan all types of bar codes and QR codes, this app is an app essential. I had never really realized the effectiveness of an app like this until I used it first hand. Most certainly worth the $0.99.

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